Jail Bait

So that cute babysitter comes round each evening to watch over your precious children so you and the wife can have a night out or two. But, really, you would prefer to spend the night at home, on that sofa, with that hot sexy school girl who is so polite and so caring of your kid’s needs. Does she really have to wear her uniform? Can you resist? Better to work out this fantasy with me than cross any inappropriate lines…after all a good babysitter is very HARD to cum by these days.




Are you a believer? A church goer? A pillar of the community? I am sure living an exemplary lifestyle as a righteous, upstanding member of your congregation has its rewards. But also, I am sure it also has its own discrete frustrations. Come to my church, worship the true master with me; let’s introduce a little darkness into all that light.





Hot Secretary

There you are, on the very top of the pile, CEO of a big international corporation. You can have anything you want…except for that hot slut in that tiny, tight skirt and those killer high heels who sits at that glass table at the reception. Every morning you see her, smell her perfume, take looks at her legs and ass when you think she might not notice. What you would not give to just have her, hard, on that desktop…but you cannot….company policy would forbid such an would be too complicated, mixing business with such deep, satisfying pleasure….well…here’s your chance to live out that fantasy and relieve all that pent-up executive stress.



You are sick, you know that right!? Can you imagine if your friends, your family, your wife, your husband, your kids,  knew what goes on in that disgusting mind of yours?! You are seriously disturbed. But I am not here to judge, no not at all. I want to get inside your mind, feel your fantasy, live it, breathe it, crave it! I believe in fighting fire with even more fire. So let’s just work out all those twisted fantasies in the safety of my world, better to get them out and exhaust each and every one rather than take it too far….right?!


Let Nurse Brandee tend to you, examine you, wash you, suck and fuck you better. Think you might be suffering from a little Erectile Dysfunction lately? Well, maybe it’s not you, maybe it’s that wife or girlfriend of yours is just crap in bed. No need for little blue pills, pumps, creams or stretches, allow Nurse Brandee to assess your condition thoroughly and find out once and for all. Let me high heel you.




High heels, Boots, Feet, Ass, Legs, gaping,  balloons, smoking, tools, toys, food, animals….. I could go on but just name it and let’s do it! 😉

Water Sports

Rubber sheets at the ready let’s go get soaking wet!!!



“Big Red”

My ex bought me this cherry red 12 inch dildo, at first it was a little daunting, and to be honest I thought I might never manage him…he became my Everest. A challenge, at first, then an obsession. I was never a size-queen, but over time and from using Big Red I’ve become one. It’s not always easy to indulge with him, but with time, and the right guy….I really can. I am told a look of sheer bliss comes over my face when I slide him all the way in. Big Red is a powerful challenge and is very special to me and he has seen me through many a horny day and night. For the right person, the one who gets me wet enough, I may even test all my boundaries with Big Red. A secret dream of mine is that one day, through my work, I find a man, a real man, who can measure up to what Big Red has caused me to crave…are YOU the one?



I can take it…can you? As you can see from my photo, I take punishment very seriously and have given myself some of the most delicious welts and bruises for my clients. Will you be the next one to whip me into a hot frenzy of pain?


Your mistress wants to humiliate you, you worthless piece of S*@T!

Goddess Show

Worship me, pay tribute to me, and kneel before me.